Beginning a Yoga Practice

You’ve been thinking of starting a new workout routine. It’s been a while since you did any jogging or took an aerobics class. Seems like lately, your knees hurt more, and your back is stiff. Your middle is a bit thicker than it was last year. In spite of the desire to do something, thinking of the effort is overwhelming when you add that to all the other things you have to do.

Thing is, can your health really wait for you to not be so busy? Isn’t it possible a workout routine will actually help you have more energy and ease some of the stressed-out feelings you have every day? Maybe you’re not ready to get back to jogging and aerobics is too much right now too. What if you try beginning a yoga practice? It’s not usually a high intense type of exercise, but the stretches can limber up unused muscles, which can help you get ready to take up jogging or aerobics. With the controlled breathing, stress can be better managed. Plus, a little bit of yoga goes a long way. You could fit it in throughout your busy day.

The great thing about yoga is that it really doesn’t require any equipment. Traditionally, yogis wear not much more than a loin cloth. I’m not suggesting you have to do yoga naked. I’m saying you only need to be in clothing that will allow you to bend and stretch. Think sweats or pajamas.

Equipment You Might Need

A mat is good for hard wood floors, so you have a soft, slightly sticky area to do your stretches, so you won’t slip and there is some padding between you and the floor. Mats come in different thicknesses according to what you may need.

A close-fitting top would be a good idea as you will be doing a lot of bending and loose shirts will fall up around your neck and arm pits. Closer fits will keep you covered.

There are cute little socks available with rubber tread that have toes in them if you feel like you need to cover your feet. Bare feet on your mat will work just as well.

Loose fitting pants or stretchy pants are perfect. As long as you can bend and squat easily in your pants, they will work fine.

There are yoga blocks available as well which you can position during your practice. These are useful for balance if you can’t quite reach the floor. Maintaining your balance during your practice is important so devices like this can help. Having a chair close by can also be helpful when you are first starting out and your balance might be a little sketchy.

The Most Important Thing Is to Simply Begin

Don’t worry that you can’t bend over and touch your toes. Yoga is about non-judgement, especially of yourself. Being “good at yoga” is not a thing. Practicing yoga means every day you give time to it. It won’t be long after you have been practicing, you will begin to notice a difference in your body and in your mind as both begin to open up. Beginning a yoga practice is a gift you can give to yourself.

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