4 Poses to Detoxify Your Body from the Holidays

The holidays are known for long periods of lavish indulgence, whether that means with consumerism or feasting. Chances are that you participated in both of those activities at some point between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. While some occasional indulgence is a valid form of self-care and love, there comes a point where it reaches unhealthy levels.

Eventually, you will need to find a balance for your body once again.

When your body is starting to feel the tangible effects of the holiday season, it’s time to incorporate a little detoxification into your yoga routine. Start to straighten out your body after the holidays with these four essential poses.

Revolved Triangle Pose

This variation on the standard Triangle pose offers everything you need after the holidays have passed. Set up the feet the same as you would for Triangle pose, lifting your arms up to shoulder height. Reach with the back arm toward the front foot, twisting your torso and extending the other arm up toward the ceiling. You can gaze straight ahead or up at the hand if the neck will allow it.

The Revolved Triangle pose is excellent because it offers a solid twist to wring out the digestive system, as well as a strong stretch that requires balance. Stoke the fires of your digestion by moving slowly into this pose and holding it for seven to ten breaths.

Seated Spinal Twist

Perhaps your balance isn’t good enough for the Revolved Triangle pose. This seated spinal twist offers the same benefits for your digestive system but without the additional stretch or balance required.

Sit up nice and tall in Staff pose, eventually bending the knee and planting one foot on the floor. Reach up with the opposite arm and bring the elbow to the outside of the knee. The other hand should be braced on the fingertips behind your torso, allowing you to move into the posture more deeply. Lengthen on the inhale and twist more on the exhale.

Locust Pose

Open up the heart once again with this gentle backbend that also aids in your digestion. You can stretch out and strengthen the back while massaging those organs that have been working overtime.

In order to do the Locust pose, you will need to lay on your stomach on the yoga mat with the arms extended back toward the feet. On an exhale, you will lift up as much of the body as you can, including the head, shoulders, arms, feet, and legs. Keep the gaze forward and firm up the glute muscles to hold for a few breaths.

Child’s Pose

Sometimes you just need to take a break in the midst of the holiday hubbub. Child’s pose gives you a quiet space for reflection while still aiding in that digestion process. You can lower your stress and keep the digestive fires burning all in one fell swoop with this posture.

Instead of taking a traditional child’s pose, spread the knees out as wide as the mat with the big toes touching. Reach the arms all the way forward and allow the belly to hang between the legs.

Detoxifying from the hustle of the holiday season is essential to maintaining to your sanity and your health. Find a creative way to work these four yoga postures into your sequence before the holidays are even over.

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