Practicing Yoga Before Bed

I’m a huge proponent of yoga at any time of the day and some form of yoga every day. However, it can be extremely beneficial to practice yoga before bed. So many people have trouble relaxing, hold a lot of stress and tension in their bodies, always feel tired, or have difficulty falling asleep, but yoga can help them. If you notice any of these things within your own body and life, then,  practicing yoga before bed can lower stress levels and help you fall asleep more easily. 

High-stress jobs and lifestyles, long work days, and a constant sense of busyness can leave us all feeling overworked and in desperate need of a solution that can help us relax and transition with ease from work to sleep. However, most people aren’t aware of the practice of yoga, afraid to try it out, or don’t think that they have the time for a yoga routine. These are the people that need yoga the most, and that could highly benefit from just a few moments each night on the mat.

Nighttime yoga practice doesn’t have to be an hour long with a specific sequence of exercises. It can be as simple as a few seated stretches or finding a video online that guides you through some breath practice and movement. Yoga before bed isn’t the time to attempt or practice intense standing postures and sequences, but it is a wonderful time to do more gentle forms of yoga with a lot of hip openers, twists, supine postures, and gentle inversions. 

There are multiple benefits of practicing yoga before bed, including easing muscle pain, relieving tension from your body, slowing down your breath and heart rate, and calming the mind. By bringing some gentle movement to the body before bed, you get the blood flowing in the areas of the body that need healing, also helping relieve tension in the joints and the muscles that have been worked throughout the day. This gentle movement, paired with conscious long breaths, also helps calm the mind and send body signals that it can begin to relax.

Experiment with a nighttime yoga practice using resources from the internet or local yoga teachers. You can also gather together some of your favorite poses into a sequence. Set up an area with some candles, low lights, soft music, and scents such as lavender to help you set the tone for treating yourself with care at the end of a long day. Overall, yoga practice at night and taking the time for self-care will help you to calm your mind and body, which will, in turn, allow you to fall asleep with more ease. It will carry you into the next day with more energy and focus.

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