Yoga and the Immune System

For us, simple little beings called “humans”, the immune system means a lot. That is our first and last line of defense. I look at the immune system as if it is my personal wall that blocks anything bad going into my body and affecting my health. So, in essence, the immune system is our body’s natural way of defending itself against diseases – a natural defensive system.

Here is what the immune system is composed of:

Each and every one of these parts has its own function. When all of these parts are combined into one, they can do wonders for our health and protect us from some serious illnesses.

Now, some questions may arise, such as:

  • Can you somehow boost your immune system?
  • Can you do something to strengthen the immune system?

This article will answer both of these questions. There is one specific method that can help people with boosting their immune system and strengthening it and that is – yoga. Keep in mind that there are other methods as well. Some are even more effective than this, but today we want to see if yoga can help you even with boosting your immune system. So let’s begin.


The Wonders of Yoga: Can Yoga Boost Your Immune System?

There are certain things that can seriously damage the immune system. We will check all of them and see how yoga fits into that story.


A person who is under stress for a long period of time is more likely to get affected by a virus than a person who isn’t. On top of that, stress is not just weakening our body and mind, but it is making us suitable for literally any disease. If we learn the techniques of relaxation, we can tell our nervous system to calm down and act normally like before. That way we can restore our immune system and save ourselves from potential risks. Those techniques can be learned through yoga.

Affected respiratory system

When we catch a cold the bacteria are located mostly in our respiratory system (lungs etc.). Yoga can eliminate this risk with breathing techniques and body postures (asana).

The lower function of our vital organs

Nowadays, people spend more and more time just sitting at a desk and staring at their computer. This leads to less circulation in our vital organs. Through yoga’s huge variety of poses, you can efficiently restore circulation in your body and correct your blood flow.

Stiff joints and muscles

Air can cause stiffness in our joints and muscles. Other factors may also lead to diseases such as arthritis. Yoga can prevent this from happening. Besides that, you can use yoga to strengthen your muscles. Poses like the cobra, bowhalf-moon, are much more effective than the rest when it comes to this problem.

The Final Verdict

With all this being said, we can definitely agree on the fact that yoga can provide you with an immune system boost that you really need. Train smart! Be free!

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